forging hammers

Forging Hammer - Power Hammer (Code: HAMMER (40 - 50 - 60))

Typical Features;

Pneumatic hammers' oiling system is made automatic by making a connection with check valve in oil store. as soon as the machine starts oiling, it starts automatically and continues till the stop

  • Its body is produced by st-37 sheet metal ( ERDEMİR A-1 quality low carbon)
  • After the welding construction, its body is deposed to 650 C/h for increasing resistance
  • Compressor and hammer cyclinder was made by GG.26 special composited material and its body is added 8,8 steel screws
  • Anvil and hammer parts made hardened and crystallized
  • The table of anvil and hammer pistons can turn 8 different directions that help you work in different conditions
  • Anvil and Hammer position can be turn for 8 differrent direction for easy operation.
  • Stabil Forging with Valf settings
  • Automatic oil system
  • Control pedal can be set for user length
  • 360° mika projecting roof
  • Steel or wooden bottom table(Opsiyonel)
  • CE for European Union Security Conditions


1) Mechanic parts and roller bearings are oiled and should be controlled per 3 months
2) It should be pumped grease oil that is kept in pistons 2-3 times in a week
3)The oil tank must be controlled before any operation and the missing oil should be added.
4)Machines are under warranty for 1 year in terms of materials and labour.

Technial Spesifications Hammer40 Hammer 50 Hammer 60
Working System Pnömatik Pnömatik Pnömatik
Normal Falling Weight 40 Kgs 50 Kgs 60 Kgs
Forging Times in a Minute 240 240 220
Max Strok 180 mm 185 mm 220 mm
Motor Power 4 kw 4 kw 7,5 kw
Motor Cycle (cycle-minute) 1450 1450 1450
Mold Area 150 x 78 mm 150 x 78 mm 150 x 78 mm
Weight 800 Kgs 1000 Kgs 1100 Kgs
Anvil Weight 290 Kgs 300 Kgs 355 Kgs
Width (A) 645 mm 706 mm 741 mm
Length (B) 1500 mm 1585 mm 1700 mm
Height (C) 1350 mm 1405 mm 1640 mm

It is used in Wrought Iron spears, crushing, forging, production of knobs, leaves and in hot shaping operations.


Machine Price

Please contact us ferforje{at}


The product is under our firm’s warranty for 12 months after it is delivered. The electric items and engine of the machine is out of warranty. If it is needed Cengizler Wrought Iron Products Factory may send one of its workers to solve the problems of the products. It is our customers’ responsibility to afford the sent workers’ flight fee, accommodation, eating and drinking costs and his daily fee, and the shipment of the spare part


%50 deposit, %50 before shipment





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